Crossmen Rehearsal Part 2

Crossmen rehearsing at a stop on their way to Toledo

So I was able to see Crossmen yesterday while on their way to Toledo (great show BTW). It was interesting getting a “first look” at a corp before their first competition. We were able to catch them just as they finished dinner and the rest of the post contains pictures and video from the event.

I will say I like the music and there are some interesting moments, but some of it very recognizable and hard to disassociate from certain corps (read: Star 93). As for rehearsal etiquette, there just isn’t that intensity and determination like they are in a race against time. They are in a race, I just don’t think the rookies realize it yet. I’m sure they will figure it out. I have a lot of respect for the Crossmen and the history behind the corp – especially since two of my drum techs in corp were Crossmen snare vets.

I got some great shots of the drumline warmup and then during the full ensemble rehearsal. Out of respect to the Crossmen, I will not be posting video of the show since no one has seen it yet and those “wow” moments would be lost if everyone had already seen it on YouTube.

So below are photos shot during the full ensemble block in the evening and the drumline warmup right after dinner. Enjoy!




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