DCI World Championships

Blue Devils or Crown?

Tonight is the DCI World Championships for the World Class (Div I) groups. It is being held at the new Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis. So far it has been the Blue Devils in the driver’s seat, but you have Carolina Crown sitting in 2nd with the Holy Name Cadets right behind them. Last night the Blue Devils almost walked away with a perfect percussion score of 20.00 by posting a 19.90 – Carolina Crown was right there behind them with a 19.80.

Tonight decides the Fred Sanford High Percussion Award to the highest score using one judge on the field. This is different from Quarters and Semis where you have two judges – one in the box and one on the floor. I’m not so sure with leaving the decision up to one judge and them being on the field. That means the ensemble sound will not be taken into account as much, it will be more technical in nature.

How will it go down? Will Carolina Crown catch BD or will they remain on top? I have my Top 6 in order posted after the jump…


Top 6 Corps

  1. Blue Devils
  2. Holy Name Cadets
  3. Carolina Crown
  4. The Cavaliers
  5. Santa Clara Vanguard
  6. Bluecoats

Why? The momentum of the Blue Devils will not let the judging panel switch one and two tonight. If it was back and forth I could see it 50/50 but not in this case. I can see the Cadets sneaking past them as they tend to come out for the last show extremely strong, but I don’t see the difference between 2 and 3 to be that much.

Top 6 Percussion

  1. Blue Devils
  2. Carolina Crown
  3. Holy Name Cadets
  4. Bluecoats
  5. The Cavaliers
  6. Phantom Regiment

What happened here? Well as much as I would like to see some new blood at top, again the combination of the judging community not letting a newcomer just walk in and take the trophy along with a one panel judging environment doesn’t bode well for Crown. If it ends up different I will be thoroughly surprised. Also, with the one panel system I can see some other movements that might benefit certain groups, maybe Bluecoats have a chance to jump the Cavaliers who rely on ensemble cohesiveness to achieve their numbers.

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