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Heading to Denton again

I’m gearing up for the Denton, Texas show tomorrow evening. It looks to be a fantastic line up and the venue is perfect for checking out the parking lot warm-up. A full review will follow once I get back.

Drumline Score Tracker Drumline Tracker chartWith our server upgrade back in the early Spring, we now have an improved Drumline Tracker page with sharper graphs and quicker response. The link located up in the nav bar lets you compare the day-to-day scores of three corps to see how they are progressing through the season.
This is by no means an accurate comparison as scores from different locations are not an ideal basis for a comparative analysis tool. This is for fun and lets you see the scores in a different way. Yes, there are plans to expand in the future and yes, we are collecting more data than what we are currently showing on the screen. Maybe at some point we will unleash some more graphs on the public. Stay tuned…

Drum Corps Gearing Up

All of the corps are in “everydays” right now, learning the rest of their drill and putting it with the music. I’ve heard reports from various Top 12 corps and it looks like it will be an interesting Summer. With tour only days away, you can tell people are getting antsy to see the fruits of the winter camps. If you do some digging, you can find little pieces of what is to come in the following weeks. Such as this from Blue Devils or this from Phantom Regiment with their new Dynasty drums or this run-through from Cadets here here here and here
Yes, it’s almost time…

Thanksgiving and Drum Corps Auditions

Two things come to mind this time of year: turkey and drum corps auditions. Traditionally, the weekend after Thanksgiving marks the first camps of the upcoming drum corps season. Now I know since many corps have started doing multiple locations for tryouts (read: Texas), and some have started early this month. But for me, it’s hard to break tradition. I remember when I was under 21, today meant eating a bunch of food, hitting the practice pad, and then feeling like throwing up realizing that your corp try out was the very next day.
I’m not trying to scare anyone off, in fact the opposite. I would urge everyone to at least attend a camp sometime between the ages of 15 and 21 – even if it is just to get the experience of seeing what it is all about. You never know until you try. Whatever the camp fees, it is worth the experience – just go have fun and be yourself. Meet some new people and learn a new rudiment (or two or three or four…).
You might be saying, “sounds good, but that’s just a day away – I’m too late”. No, no you’re not. Just grab your sticks, get in the car and go. Show up to the camp site with the camp fee and fill out the form. That’s all there is to it. To make it easier, go check out the list of corps and their tryout locations, pick one and go:
Drum Corps Audition Sites
If you are not sure where the corps reside, just check out the map:
DCI Corps Map
No excuses. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
- The Drumline Blog Team

RUMOR MILL: Another Drum Corp Relocating

This time the rumor has it that a certain drum corp is planning to relocate to either Oklahoma or Texas. Sources pinpointed an affiliation with a college, but are waiting for to make the announcement sometime in the next week.
I’m not big on rumors and have held off when other items have passed across the desk and eventually came true. If this seems as big as what it is being made out to be, this could be another shocker like Crossmen moving to San Antonio from the East coast. Whether it is a Division I, II, or III corp remains to be seen (or the new specification “Open Class”). As soon as this is solidified with more details, we will do a follow-up.