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DCI Big, Loud & Live 9 Event is Tonight


DCI’s Big, Loud & Live 9 is showing tonight in movie theaters across the country. If you are not able to make it to Indy for the Championships, this is your chance to see your favorites corps competing in Quarterfinals LIVE. Quarterfinals start at 6:30pm Eastern/3:30pm Pacific and you can find the closest theater to you at the link below.

Keelan Tobia *1st Place* I&E 2012 Snare solo

By: CrusaderAttack

Keelan took first by 0.5 with a score of 99.50. I apologize for the glare off of the drum.

Cavaliers Front 7-18-12

By: aznpride058

Cavaliers sectional at Broken Arrow

Bluecoats Book Segment #5 (7/9/12)

By: alldrums247

Teal Sound Withdraws from 2012 Season

In a surprising move, Teal Sound has cancelled the rest of their 2012 season. It was announced after the Centerville, OH show Monday night to the members and the drum corp community.

Although extremely disappointing for everyone and after considerable discussion and the remarkable generosity of many great people, our board has determined that in order to ensure the safety and best possible experience for our members, it is best to cease our touring operations for the remainder of this season effective immediately.
- Teal Sound Board of Directors

Many questions arise from this untimely exit from the season: what caused the corp to cease operations in the middle of the season? Did the corp director know if they had enough funds to make it through the entire season? What about the Teal Sound age-outs who were denied their final season? What is the future of Teal Sound?

Here is the press release from

Teal Sound Official Website

Here are some clips from this year’s 2012 Teal Sound: