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BOA Semifinals

image566184551.jpgOwasso HS just got through with our Semifinals performance and it was solid. There are a lot of fantastic bands here today and it should be quite a dog fight for those 12 spots in Finals.

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BOA Grand Nationals Trip


Well, the last rehearsal is done and the drums are all packed and ready for Indy. It has been a long season, but the great weather since Halloween has given us a lot of time to clean. I think this has honestly been the nicest November on record for us: 60s and 70s every day with no rain or other nasty weather conditions.

Tomorrow is the travel day as it takes us 10+ hours to get into Indy, then a practice block at Carmel HS once we get there. Those are always nice to get everyone on the same page and set the tone for the rest of the weekend – here’s hoping for a good rehearsal.

I plan to post as much as I can while on the trip to share my experiences as we try to achieve what 90 other bands are trying to achieve as well. With that said, good luck to everyone tomorrow in the Thursday slots and I wish safe travels for the rest of the groups.

See you in Indy…

Blue Devils Win 13th Championship

DCI Retreat 2009
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The Blue Devils held off Carolina Crown and the Holy Name Cadets by posting a 99.05 to win their 13th World Championship. Carolina Crown followed with a 97.50 and Holy Name Cadets finished 3rd with a close 97.20. Here are the placements, scores, and drum scores for all Top 12 Finalists:

1. Blue Devils 99.05 (19.80 |  1)
2. Carolina Crown 97.50 (19.60 |  2)
3. Holy Name Cadets 97.20 (18.50 |  7)
4. The Cavaliers 96.15 (19.40 |  3)
5. Santa Clara Vanguard 95.65 (18.60 |  6)
6. Bluecoats 93.15 (19.10 |  4)
7. Boston Crusaders 90.70 (18.30 |  8)
8. Blue Stars 90.05 (17.70 |  9)
9. Phantom Regiment 89.90 (18.70 |  5)
10. Glassmen 87.75 (17.60 | 10)
11. Blue Knights 86.45 (17.10 | 12)
12. Troopers 85.10 (17.30 | 11)

DCI World Championships

Blue Devils or Crown?

Tonight is the DCI World Championships for the World Class (Div I) groups. It is being held at the new Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis. So far it has been the Blue Devils in the driver’s seat, but you have Carolina Crown sitting in 2nd with the Holy Name Cadets right behind them. Last night the Blue Devils almost walked away with a perfect percussion score of 20.00 by posting a 19.90 – Carolina Crown was right there behind them with a 19.80.

Tonight decides the Fred Sanford High Percussion Award to the highest score using one judge on the field. This is different from Quarters and Semis where you have two judges – one in the box and one on the floor. I’m not so sure with leaving the decision up to one judge and them being on the field. That means the ensemble sound will not be taken into account as much, it will be more technical in nature.

How will it go down? Will Carolina Crown catch BD or will they remain on top? I have my Top 6 in order posted after the jump…

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DCI 2009 World Championships Start…NOW

Quarterfinals are tonight! If you are free tonight, make plans to find your nearest participating theater and check out Quarterfinals LIVE. That’s almost 400 theaters across the country showing the broadcast that will showcase 22 World Class corps. For the nearest theater, click here