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The Cadets Win the 2011 DCI World Championship

DCI 2011 World Championships


In a tight race to the finish, The Cadets win the 2011 DCI World Championship with a Final Score of 98.35. The Cadets swept the GE caption with 1st place finishes in all subcaptions, won the Music Ensemble subcaption and tied the Blue Devils for the overall Music Caption. The Blue Devils finished in 2nd place with a score of 97.80. Besides tying in the Music Caption, they won the Visual Caption by two tenths of a point over The Cadets. They also won the High Color Guard Award with a final score of 19.8.

The Cavaliers finished in 3rd place with a score of 96.85. The ended up winning the High Percussion Award with a score of 19.6. Rounding out the top four was Carolina Crown with Final score ended up being a 95.30. Crown took home the High Brass Award with a 19.5, edging out The Cadets that scored a 19.4.

Overall, it was a fantastic year with a lot good shows. The spread of the subcaption awards shows there is some real competition and that it was anyone’s game to win. Congratulations to The Cadets on their championship and we can’t wait to see what the corps bring to the audiences during the DCI 2012 season.

Cadets Win DCI Semifinals

The 2011 DCI World Championship Semifinals results are in and for the second night in a row, The Cadets pulled ahead of the Blue Devils to win the DCI World Championship Semifinals. The Cadets scored a 97.80 while the Blue Devils ended up with a 97.30 – at this point it is still anyone’s to win. Here are the top scores from tonight:

The Cadets 97.800
Blue Devils 97.300
The Cavaliers 96.900
Carolina Crown 95.650
Phantom Regiment 93.950
Santa Clara Vanguard 92.200
Bluecoats 91.600

For a complete recap, check out: http://www.dci.org/scores/#ixzz1UsdUfsmY

DCI Prelims Recap

After a long day, The Cadets edged out the Blue Devils to take 1st place in DCI Prelims. The Cadets scored a 97.35 over BD’s 96.85, a half point (.5) ahead, which may not seem like much but it is a game of tenths and one hundredths of a point. The real difference showed up in the Visual Performance caption where The Cadets were .8 points ahead of the Blue Devils (3rd in the caption) and .4 ahead of Carolina Crown which placed 2nd. That was interesting because the rest of the Visual caption was clearly won by the Blue Devils.

The biggest surprise of the night relating to percussion? The Academy placed 15th overall, but their percussion section placed 10th beating the likes of the Blue Knights and the Madison Scouts.

How did the rest of the Percussion sections fare?

  1. 19.6 — Blue Devils
  2. 19.3 — The Cavaliers
  3. 19.0 — The Cadets
  4. 18.8 — Santa Clara Vanguard
  5. 18.7 — Bluecoats
  6. 18.6 — Phantom Regiment
  7. 18.3 — Carolina Crown
  8. 18.2 — Blue Stars
  9. 17.8 — Boston Crusaders
  10. 17.1 — The Academy
  11. 17.0 — Blue Knights
  12. 16.9 — Spirit of Atlanta

Percussion Performance: Allan Kristensen


Here are some other interesting items to take note:

  • Three Open Class corps have earned their place among the 25 corps who will advance to the Semifinals on Friday – Blue Devils B, Oregon Crusaders and Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets.
  • Carolina Crown won the Brass subcaption, beating out BD by .1 with a score of 19.5.
  • In contrast to Crown, SCV placed 11th in the Brass subcaption.
  • The Madison Scouts placed 10th overall, but 14th in percussion.
  • Crown placed 4th overall, but 7th in percussion.
  • No perfect scores in subcaptions, but several 9.9s. The corp with the most 9.9s tonight was The Cadets with five 9.9s.


Heading to DCI Ft. Worth

We are packing up the car and heading to Saginaw, Texas for the first DCI show of the year. The Top 8 from last year’s Finals will be there and we will try to get as much video footage from the lot as possible. We are running all new recording equipment so all drumline videos will be YouTube HD from here on out. We are currently taking a poll over on snarescience.com to see which drumlines people want us to record.  Put in your vote before tomorrow night!

The performance order for DCI Ft. Worth in Saginaw, Texas:

Blue StarsLa Crosse, WI
Santa Clara VanguardSanta Clara, CA
Phantom RegimentRockford, IL
The CadetsAllentown, PA
Carolina CrownFt. Mill, SC
BluecoatsCanton, OH
The CavaliersRosemont, IL
Blue DevilsConcord, CA


We also have one more trick up our sleeve, check back around 5pm CST Saturday to see what’s up.

Chase Community Giving 2011

CHASE Community GivingThe Chase Community Giving Project we blogged about last year is on again. Round 2 is underway and a few corps and the organizations that support music activities (DCI, WGI, BOA) need your vote. Each organization has presented a video about their “big idea” on what they would do with the grand prize of $500,00. Each one needs your help, but there are more music-based groups than you have votes. So watch each video, and vote for your favorite ideas. Voting ends on May 25th so you need to hurry!

CHASE Community Giving Main Page

Santa Clara Vanguard

Youth Education in the Arts (The Cadets)


The Blue Devils

Drum Corps International – DCI

Winter Guard International – WGI

Music For All – BOA