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DCI 2014 Starts Today

The first show of the 2014 season is tonight in Indianapolis, Indiana. Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing the corps, their drums, and featured clips from the lots. Who is going to come out strong? We’ll see if we can’t make a few predictions based on these early lots.

Drum Corps on Parade

(Photo credit: DCI.org)

Happy Fourth of July. Many of the drum corps are in parades today. To find one in your area, check out DCI.org’s complete list of corps and parades.


DCI Tour Premier


The DCI Tour Premier hits movie theaters June 24th (tonight) starting at 6PM local time. Corps featured in tonight’s theater event include the following corps:

Bluecoats – Canton, OH
Phantom Regiment – Rockford, IL
The Cadets – Allentown, PA
Boston Crusaders – Boston, MA
The Cavaliers – Rosemont, IL
Spirit of Atlanta – Atlanta, GA

For more information and to order tickets, check out dci.org/cinema

First Views of the 2013 DCI Drumlines


Blue Devils

Santa Clara Vanguard


Carolina Crown

Madison Scouts

The Cadets

Phantom Regiment

Blue Devils Win 15th Title at the 40th DCI Finals

The Blue Devils claim their 15th championship at the 40th Anniversary season of DCI. Blue finished with high percussion, high GE, and Carolina Crown received the high brass award. The Blue Devils completed an undefeated season, winning every show they attended.

Rounding out the Top 6 were Bluecoats, Santa Clara Vanguard, Cadets, Phantom Regiment, and Carolina Crown. Congratulations to all corps that competed this epic season.