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Chase Community Giving – VOTE NOW

Chase Giving Four Drum Corps need your help – The Cavaliers, Colts (aka Legion Aires), Carolina Crown, and Phantom Regiment.

The corps are involved in the Chase Community Giving Program where they award 100 charities with $25,000 each in the first round. The second round has the non-profit with the most votes receiving $1,000,000 and the next five getting $100,000 each. All four corps made the Top 100 and are now in the 2nd Round.

As part of the musical community, these corps deserve our support and you get five votes per Facebook user so you can vote for all four corps and still have an extra vote for whatever you want. The voting ends January 22nd so hurry and place your votes for the drum corps.

Chase Community Giving Front Page
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Chase Community Giving Facebook Page

BOA Grand Nationals Trip


Well, the last rehearsal is done and the drums are all packed and ready for Indy. It has been a long season, but the great weather since Halloween has given us a lot of time to clean. I think this has honestly been the nicest November on record for us: 60s and 70s every day with no rain or other nasty weather conditions.

Tomorrow is the travel day as it takes us 10+ hours to get into Indy, then a practice block at Carmel HS once we get there. Those are always nice to get everyone on the same page and set the tone for the rest of the weekend – here’s hoping for a good rehearsal.

I plan to post as much as I can while on the trip to share my experiences as we try to achieve what 90 other bands are trying to achieve as well. With that said, good luck to everyone tomorrow in the Thursday slots and I wish safe travels for the rest of the groups.

See you in Indy…