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DCI 2011 Tour Begins in 30 Days

In exactly one month from tonight, we will see the beginning of the 2011 Drum Corps International Tour in a new and exciting way. The top 8 drum corps from last year will converge on Fort Worth Texas for the kickoff the 2011 season. That means the performing corps at the DCI Ft. Worth show will be the Blue Devils, The Cavaliers, Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, The Cadets, Phantom Regiment, Santa Clara Vanguard, and the Blue Stars. This looks to be quite the start to the 2011 DCI Tour. For more information about this show and others that might be close to you, check out the DCI schedule: http://www.dci.org/schedule/

Pittsburg, Kansas Review

Pittsburg, Kansas was the stage for the first meeting between the Cavaliers and the Blue Devils. Having only been back for a few days, the Blue Devils are ready to show American audiences what European has been treated to for the past few weeks. Where is Blue Devils’ show in regards to the competition? Are they tweaking a polished show or are they trying to fill in the holes? Have they been on track to stay with the competition while out of the country? Here’s a first hand account of the evening and what took place…
IMG_3123The evening started with a solid performance from Pioneer which was seen from the tunnel so I won’t comment on their show. Their strong showing set the stage for a great evening of drum corps as the Colts were next to hit the field. The corp from Dubuque had a great concept and music to back it up, but had some front-to-back phasing issues with the pit. The colorguard turned in a respectable performance as they have been doing all summer. I like their version of Estancia and they score points for having a drum book that blends well with the horn book. Smart writing, the pieces just need to come together to complete the package.

IMG_3137Capital Regiment was on next…their show was about Time and they have this gigantic sun dial that gets moved around constantly during the show. The same two people pushed it around the entire time, and I kept sitting there wondering if they had to pay the corps fees to push a prop around all Summer? Is that mean for me to say? I’m just curious….as for the drumline they have definitely stepped it up in the past two years and showed that last year was not a fluke. The drumline plays so well that it makes the hornline sound small. The case of something being so good that it makes the others pieces look out of place. Good and bad I guess.

IMG_3145The Blue Knights followed suit and displayed a clean show. It seemed flat in places and I respect them for their precision, but I have had a hard time in the past getting “into” their shows. The drumline really set themselves apart from the previous drumlines tonight by having some of the thickest rolls of the night. Their unique color of blue on their drum shells this year throws me off. I can’t decide if it is a blue-green or a green-blue – it’s not your normal dark blue (or black) you’re use to seeing on their drums.

IMG_3149Glassmen were next and the drumline had a great show, but I wasn’t impressed with the music arranging and thought some of the style choices for the music was a little odd, yet the drumline handled their end very well. Nice musical colors with the added Remo TSS drums mounted to the front of the snares, and bassline had some killer runs in the show. Like last year they’ve got a drum shell color that changes based on the light. Though this year’s is a blue instead of the copper. Even close up, the color changes from an almost black to a midnight blue with some colors in between. Definitely pimp, but not over-the-top gold teeth pimp, very tasteful.

IMG_3160Blue Devils were next and WOW, what a hard show. The drum book is esoteric and very demanding, passing rolls around the drums, dynamics moving the sound all over the place, and some tough drill to top it off. If they can smooth out the kinks, I say top 3 drum finish, but it’s a gamble with other groups like Cadets, Phantom and Bluecoats playing at such a high level. I’m afraid the Europe trip has hurt their potential to stay with the upper echelon – I would say a top 5 finish, but no closer than 3rd…too much ground to make up at this point.

IMG_3166The Cavaliers finished out the evening with a great show that looks polished. The drum book has the familiar sound of previous years and I guess it works well for them. The middle tune about the Chicago fire was well constructed. The closer was great, but seemed long in the tooth, as it kept ramping up more and more.

The Cavaliers ended up winning the night as their show is currently at a more mature stage. I think the European tour has hurt the Blue Devils and I think it would be hard to push yourself as you don’t see much competition – it’s like taking a month off to do standstills. Can Blue Devils push hard enough to catch up? At this point, I’m not sure. I think if they would have come back in mid-early July they would of had a better chance. I guess we’ll see as more scores start to come in.