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WGI 2015 World Championships

WGI in Dayton started today. Who’s going to come out on top? Let’s take a look at the possible contenders and see the notes they are throwing down.

Rhythm X

When One Door Closes… #X15

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Pulse Percussion

POW! #proudtopow #pulsepercussion #wgi2015 #remo #vicfirth #on2percussion @yamahacorpus

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Gateway Indoor


WGI 2012 World Finals Results

California Sweeps Gold in Independent and Scholastic World Class while Dartmouth HS was a close second in Scholastic with only a .0500 between them and Chino Hills HS. Here are the placements from Saturday’s Finals:

Independent Marching World
1st place: 97.088 Riverside Community College
2nd place: 95.500 Music City Mystique
3rd place: 94.825 Pulse Percussion
4th place: 94.125 Rhythm X
5th place: 93.075 Matrix
6th place: 92.038 NorthCoast Academy
7th place: 90.038 Gateway Indoor
8th place: 89.325 United Percussion
9th place: 89.262 Infinity
10th place: 89.225 Pulse Percussion Open

Scholastic Marching World
1st place: 96.875 Chino Hills HS
2nd place: 96.825 Dartmouth HS
3rd place: 96.125 Ayala HS
4th place: 94.163 Center Grove HS
5th place: 93.663 Father Ryan HS
6th place: 91.750 Mission Viejo HS
7th place: 91.500 Forsyth Central HS
8th place: 88.850 Walled Lake Central HS
9th place: 88.462 West Bloomfield HS
10th place: 88.450 Centerville HS

You can find more scores at WGI.org: