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WGI 2015 World Championships

WGI in Dayton started today. Who’s going to come out on top? Let’s take a look at the possible contenders and see the notes they are throwing down.

Rhythm X

When One Door Closes… #X15

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Pulse Percussion

POW! #proudtopow #pulsepercussion #wgi2015 #remo #vicfirth #on2percussion @yamahacorpus

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Gateway Indoor


SPOTLIGHT: Music City Mystique

What can I say? They did it again. Amazing notes, great performances from the members, and a truly believable character that fuels the whole show. The front ensemble started their lot with a gorgeously powerful piece called “Land”, a marimba solo arranged by their center Angelo Outlaw. MCM has arguably been the best front ensemble in not just WGI, but in the whole marching pageantry idiom. There is a 32nd-16th note herta phrase where the full ensemble adds in as the keyboards harmonize the rhythmic passage. I don’t think it is possible for MCM to musically disappoint! Nu Tribe was awesome, check out the video I took from the WGI Finals lot in Dayton:

Special Contributor — Peter @ The Percussion LAB


One of the most innovative ways lights were used as the new rule was passed.  The whole program was paced very well and maximized their moments with visual and music integration to the extreme!  The snare line was amazing with very fast singles to diddle patterns to paradiddle variations.  Great clarity and quality of sound from the whole ensemble.

The front had some amazing moments with inner 2 mallet runs and ritardando sections that you could drive a semi truck through.  Great split parts in the marimbas and beautiful writing by Andrew Markworth.  Andrew provided a great vehicle for the front ensemble to show off it’s touch and musicianship.

So how does the show look with the lights out? Well, you can’t turn down the lights in the field house, but you can record a rehearsal at dusk:

Special Contributor — Peter @ The Percussion LAB

WGI 2012 World Finals Results

California Sweeps Gold in Independent and Scholastic World Class while Dartmouth HS was a close second in Scholastic with only a .0500 between them and Chino Hills HS. Here are the placements from Saturday’s Finals:

Independent Marching World
1st place: 97.088 Riverside Community College
2nd place: 95.500 Music City Mystique
3rd place: 94.825 Pulse Percussion
4th place: 94.125 Rhythm X
5th place: 93.075 Matrix
6th place: 92.038 NorthCoast Academy
7th place: 90.038 Gateway Indoor
8th place: 89.325 United Percussion
9th place: 89.262 Infinity
10th place: 89.225 Pulse Percussion Open

Scholastic Marching World
1st place: 96.875 Chino Hills HS
2nd place: 96.825 Dartmouth HS
3rd place: 96.125 Ayala HS
4th place: 94.163 Center Grove HS
5th place: 93.663 Father Ryan HS
6th place: 91.750 Mission Viejo HS
7th place: 91.500 Forsyth Central HS
8th place: 88.850 Walled Lake Central HS
9th place: 88.462 West Bloomfield HS
10th place: 88.450 Centerville HS

You can find more scores at WGI.org:


Chase Community Giving 2011

CHASE Community GivingThe Chase Community Giving Project we blogged about last year is on again. Round 2 is underway and a few corps and the organizations that support music activities (DCI, WGI, BOA) need your vote. Each organization has presented a video about their “big idea” on what they would do with the grand prize of $500,00. Each one needs your help, but there are more music-based groups than you have votes. So watch each video, and vote for your favorite ideas. Voting ends on May 25th so you need to hurry!

CHASE Community Giving Main Page

Santa Clara Vanguard

Youth Education in the Arts (The Cadets)


The Blue Devils

Drum Corps International – DCI

Winter Guard International – WGI

Music For All – BOA